With many mainstream jobs predicted to soon be taken over by advanced robotics, artificial intelligence and machine learning, it is more important than ever that we focus on what sets us apart from machines…what makes us human

According to the World Economic Forum’s Future of Jobs report, creativity and emotional intelligence are listed among the top 10 skills needed to succeed in the 2020 workplace. Yet if we examine society’s addiction to smart phones, social media and convenience, it appears we are moving farther away from these skills and closer to becoming robots ourselves.

Designed for forward-thinking companies who want to prepare their teams for success in an uncertain future, Sensing the Future is a new experiential dining experience and workshop series focusing on the crucial role our senses play in helping us become more creative, connected and conscious leaders.

Focusing on the top ten work skills needed from 2020 onwards, these interactive, hand-on workshops and dinners give executives the opportunity to learn and practice these important skills through a range of sensorial activities.

For further information on how to bring Sensing the Future to your company, please contact: experience@sensing-the-future.com